High quality, effective and cost-effective solutions: Benefit from an early integration of our engineers and a comprehensive management of the project. 

The ViZion® sorting machines are not an end unto themselves but a tool in respect to the best possible performance within a systematic solution for a real customer demand.

MOTv3 is a suspension simulator with highly dynamic electric linear actuators, for Vehicle Development (Automotive), the Motor Sport / Race, driver training as well as for customer test center.


In close cooperation with universities and research institutes Schotte Automotive continues to invest in R & D.

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For over 60 years, our company is specialized in the production and the distribution of individual metal fastening components – not only in the automotive but across all industries.

We offer customized solutions according to German standards and in highest quality. Also we support your project in every phase of the product development process from the first idea to the serial production.  

More than 30 Engineers, Technicians and Logistic Experts are at your service creating quick and flexible solutions according to your requirements. For the time being more than 300 fastener solutions are developed every year.

You will find the best solution for your product – well-tried or with a new design. We have to optimize your processes in focus.

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